Have you or a loved one had a negative or traumatic birth experience?

My Birth Story is a place where you can start to process your experience and begin to heal.  Our hope is that you find some comfort here. 


Having a negative or traumatic birth experience means different things to different people and it affects individuals and their loved ones in hugely different ways. 

Only YOU get to decide if your birth experience was negative or traumatic.  Know that whatever you are feeling right now is normal, it is valid and there is support available.

Whilst exploring this site you'll find insights, advice, internal and external resources as well as real stories from Kiwis who have had negative or traumatic birth experiences.  

My Birth Story was created by Mums, for Mums - it offers suggestions and is a place to access resources, but it is not a clinical service.  If you or your loved one are experiencing any of the feelings discussed on our Common Feelings page, or you need professional help, then please seek support.  

This site is for YOU.  We welcome any feedback and suggestions you have about how we can improve My Birth Story.  Please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.