Our Story


My Birth Story was developed in 2017 by a Kiwi mum who realised there was very little in the way of online support, information and resources for New Zealanders who have had a negative or traumatic birth experience.

Coming out of her own experience feeling "a bit wobbly", the creator of My Birth Story searched high and low for information about experiences such as hers.  She was looking for reassurance that what she was feeling was normal, that she wasn't over-reacting or making a fuss out of nothing.

However, she struggled to find anything that was Aotearoa/NZ focused, and what she did find was primarily about postnatal depression and other mental health challenges.  

So, she decided to create something new ...

"I hope that My Birth Story helps you to know that what you are feeling is valid, is normal and is OK.

I hope you can find some comfort in these pages, and that you have found a place where you can begin to process your experience and heal from it - however and whenever that healing may occur for you.

I hope that My Birth Story is a place for you to re-write your own birth story."